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About Dr. Teresa


I see all persons growing to reach amazing potentials regardless of their present intellectual, social-emotional, or physical capacities and contributing to the greater good.


I strive to empower individuals to develop their knowledge and skills to have full, exciting, and productive lives . I do this by providing cutting-edge therapeutic, educational, and administrative services in regard to speech-language skills, cognitive, and associated skills. My efforts serve both clinical populations and the professionals that serve them.


Teresa Signorelli Pisano is a NY State Licensed, ASHA Certified, Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist. She has a BA in Spanish Language and Literature, an MS in Speech-Language Pathology, and a PhD in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences.

Dr. Signorelli Pisano is retired from her positions as a Research Scholar in the Doctoral Program in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center and Clinical Director in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Marymount Manhattan College

She is currently the President of Glenangus Media, a boutique publishing company. Her podcast Kids AtoZ with Dr. T can be accessed for free download at She also sits on the Advisory Board of the Clinical Centers of Loyola University.  

Dr. Pisano is not in active practice as a speech-language pathologist.

If you have clinical needs call your physician, local school, or contact

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