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There Are Unwritten Rules

All College Students

MUST Know...

But Don't

Get an Edge with

Dr. Teresa's

College Boot Camp

Dr. Teresa Signorelli has been teaching and advising

undergraduate and graduate students since 1995

Each year she sees students are missing skills they need

for success in college and the work force

Dr. Teresa has developed a dynamic, practical, and

fun training that will give students an edge

She has been applying these techniques with her students at

Marymount Manhattan College for years with fantastic, measurable results

Dr. Teresa's program addresses...

- Expected communication protocols

-What to do if you miss class

- How to ask for an extension

- How to handle a late assignment

- How to request an appointment with a professor

- Email Etiquette (and dangers)

- How to address a professor

- Asking for letters of recommendation

- Embracing accountability

- How and why to become a peer leader

- Public speaking tips

-Writing tips

- How to avoid what irritates professors most!

- Social-media literacy

- And more...

High school seniors and

college freshman

cannot afford to miss this

interactive seminar

Click photo. Read a new student's reflection on high school and college differences

To make an appointment contact:


Start preparing for your training with Dr. Teresa

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