Dr Teresa Signorelli Pisano - CONSULTING
Dr Teresa Signorelli Pisano - Empowering Individuals to Reach Great Potentials

Communicate Your Organization's Message via Print, Web, or Social Media Venues  

Dr. Teresa has spent her career communicating information to 
families and professionals though diverse platforms such as scientific 
publications, parent magazines, social media, radio, and television. 

She can create, curate, and edit your message for 
maximum impact with your audience

Invite Dr. Teresa to educate a parent group, train staff,
or help your organization modify products and services to 
best accomplish your mission

Possible Topics
Adaptations for Aging & Special-Needs Populations
Legal Issues & the Communicatively Impaired 
Aging Gracefully and at Home 
Cognitive and Linguistic Rehabilitation
Speech & Language Development & Functioning
Bilingual Language Development & Functioning
Fostering Speech & Language Development
Knowledge & Skills for Managing Multilingual Patients/Students
Assessment & Diagnosis Multilingual Patients/Students

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